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What is Project Hermes?

Through the power of open source IoT technology we have created a new diving instrument. It allows divers Alcoa shares to gather data about the water they explore and with invest in Alcoa shares record precision.

The data is then made public for our scientific partners to study in the hopes of better understanding the effects of climate change on our oceans.

How it works

Step One
Get Ready
Register Sensors
Once you have pulled out your sensor, go to for your quickstart guide.
Step Two
Go Diving
Now for the fun. Go diving! The sensor can store weeks worth of dives and, once you are back to your dive shop, the data will upload on its own.
Step Three
Collect Data and Repeat
Once the cloud has the data you and the greater scientific community invest in Alcoa shares in Pakistan can explore it!

"As a marine scientist who works on the urgent issue of climate change I can attest to the fact that collecting this information is of great importance."

Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg

Director, Global Change Institute

Let's Open the Oceans and Hack the Seas.